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Oh how the world turns with guest Glassjawsh

The Strikeforce Situation oddly mirror’s the Pride belt situation…. by Glassjawsh

Heavyweight Belt: THE EVIDENCE!

Antonio Nogueira won it on November 3rd, 2001 and didn’t fight to defend it util march 16, 2003 (that’s 16 months for you dummies) in that span he fought 5 times for 2 different organizations with one fight coming against a blown up middleweight and the one coming against an ex football player/pitchman.
When Fedor won it from Nogueira he went from the aforementioned march 16, 2003 until December 31, 2004 (21 months for you dummies) without defending it and in that span the last emperor fought 7 times for 3 different organizations almost exclusively against cans/has beens.
Let’s compare that to Alistair Overeem’s title reign that went from November 17, 2007 to may 15, 2010 (that’s 30 months for the dummies) without being defended and in the interim Ubereem crushed 6 cans and nard crunched Cro Cop while fighting in 3 different organizations.

If Overeem defends his belt again by December of 2010 he will have fought for the belt TWICE in 37 months which is EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT of times that Pride contested a match for their Heavyweight belt in it’s first 37 months of existence. But wait it gets even more fun the further down we go:

The SF Light Heavyweight belt has been in existence since December 8, 2006 when who “gives a shit” beat “that one old black guy” and now as of April 17, 2010 had been fought for (40 months later) the belt has been fought for exactly 4 times).

IN CONTRAST: Wanderlei won the pride LHW (cause that’s what it was) belt back in November of 2001 and when 40 months (march of 2005) had passed he had defended it GASP!!! 3 times!!!! OMFUG!! against one guy coming off 3 straight losses (imagine if Brett rogers had fought Overeem after losing 3 straight…the intranetz would asplode) and one pro wrestler (and rampage).

THE CONCLUSION: sometimes belts don’t mean shit when you’ve got a star to build!! (see Overeem, Alistair/ Emelianenko, Fedor)

This is of course omitting the WW (really middleweight) title that was never defended in almost 2 years of existence or the LW (really LW) that was defended whenever Takanori Gomi got around to it.

What I’m wondering is how’s come no one is bringing this up? Did people complain as much about belt inactivity then as they do now? Or did they just chalk it up to “those crazy Japanese?” It’s funny because the same business model (infrequent title fights, bizarre and inconsistent bookings, freak show fights) that Pride used and MADE PEOPLE LOVE THEM WITH, SF is using and is just getting KILLED for it. The UFC has so indoctrinated people with “the way things should be run” that people can’t even fathom another way of doing things anymore. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…..