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Oh, does Rashad Evans not have a championship singlet too?

Here’s Phil Davis looking like the physical freak specimin that he is, hitting the same pose at the weigh-ins he always does. One small difference this time: he’s wearing a Penn State shirt. Lest you think this is just a reference back to Rashad Evans’ unfortunate child rape smack talk, Yahoo’s Maggie Hendricks explains it has more to do with the recent jockeying about who’s the better wrestler:

So that singlet is Penn State’s championship singlet, one that only gets broken out if a guy wrestles in the finals. Since Davis wrestled in the NCAA finals twice, he has at least one. Most schools have them, but PSU’s is very recognizable because they don’t have a ton of singlet options, like other schools. As a fellow Big 10er, Evans would know that. Wearing that one, and not Penn State’s more traditional dark blue singlet, was a sly way of Davis saying, “Yes, I am the better wrestler.”

Oh, fight smack via singlet wearing! He went there!

(pic via Heavy’s excellent UFC on FOX 2 weigh-in gallery)