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Oh dear god no

There were a few commenters in yesterday’s post about the EliteXC / CBS deal who were less than thrilled about the deal. The general argument coming from these people is that Gary Shaw runs a trashy organization full of criminals, dopers, and felony fighters. While I can’t deny that Gary seems more likely to market someone’s shady past than denounce it, I was hoping that he’d reform his product a bit for CBS. But it’s starting to look like that’s not gonna be the case:

According to his report, the official announcement of the deal will come tomorrow. In it, EliteXC and CBS will confirm a four-fight deal that begins with an event in April.

Additionally, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, the YouTube brawler who earned a lucrative long-term deal with EliteXC in late 2007, will likely headline the first CBS event — either in Atlantic City, N.J. or at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., Iole reports.

Having a felony fighter headline your first network show is not exactly the best way to prove to America that mixed martial arts is a serious sport. Of course, it is a good way to whip up a fuckload of publicity and controversy. At this point I’m torn: is it better to pussyfoot around the fact that MMA is a brutal violent sport which has it’s fair share of sketchy characters, or do we just give America a full frontal shot of how freaky we can be and hope that the crush of positive feedback from retarded 18-26 year olds drowns out the old people who are going to be throwing fits about this shit.

  • FRANKIE says:

    Fuck old people.

  • Atom says:

    mmamania just posted the official press release:

    As I said somewhere else on FL, I think they should combine the two (substance: Shields/Noons/Lawler and style: Kimbo) to go all out for their first show. If that does well, combined with the fact that they were the first to get on a network, it won’t matter so much that they blew their wad because it will attract so much more talent to the organization.

    This must be rough for Caplan, since the two companies he already writes for have now teamed up.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Having a felony fighter headline your first network show is not exactly the best way to prove to America that mixed martial arts is a serious sport…”

    Oh, on the contrary, I think it does prove that MMA is a serious sprort. Name 1 single proffesional sport that doesn’t have a top star who is a convicted felon? IMO, Kimbo, legitimizes MMA for Americans.

  • Beau says:

    Hopefully eliteXC had to relinquish creative control to CBS just like they were demanding of UFC. Then maybe they will have better announcers, and not shitty rappers or DJs.

  • Roxy says:

    He’s a felon?!

  • Lifer says:

    I think that America will calm down once they see those hoochie dancing girls.

  • Captain says:

    “This must be rough for Caplan, since the two companies he already writes for have now teamed up.”

    You think that’s a coincidence?

    Nothing really changed as far as CBS owning Showtime, which owns ProElite, except they sent some more funding down the chain.

    If they let Gary Shaw control what goes on the networt it’s going to be a fuckin mockery. Kimbo + hoochie dancers + lame DJ + spastic Mauro + idiot Goldberg = some kind of mutant American Gladiators/WWE hybrid that busts up old dudes’ faces with Kimbo uppercuts.

  • We can’t have it both ways. The sport is growing too much too micro-manage it all. Besides, the guys in this organization are competent enough to put the sport in a good light. It has to have a ‘hook’ though in order for it to be marketable.

  • Atom says:

    Well then allow MMAWeekly to clear up some of the confusion-

    “MMAWeekly sources indicated that CBS would likely have control over the production of the EliteXC events on its network and would probably reduce the focus on the dancers and musicians that have dotted EliteXC telecasts on Showtime.

    It is also believed that there will be major changes in the announce team for telecasts on CBS. The most recent iteration of the EliteXC announce team on Showtime included Mauro Ranallo, Stephen Quadros and Bill Goldberg.”

  • Captain says:

    Hmmm… Jim Nantz, Phul Simms, Boomer Esiason? As long as it’s not Shannon Sharpe; now that’s a true horseface.

  • Gaston says:

    I really hope Bill Goldberg gets somehow removed in this process. What the fuck is he doing commentating to begin with. He doesn´t add a single thing to the overall experience… other than an embarassing highlightreel on the interwebs

  • Just to clarify, a ‘felony fight’ is an illegal street fight. Kimbo’s not a felon, he was a felony fighter. AFAIK he’s never been arrested for anything

  • kentyman says:

    “Misdemeanor Melee” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • Captain says:

    What’s an AFAIK?

  • Chuck says:

    You guys ever see Felony Fights? I just went back and rewatched those videos.. This one is the best in my opinion.. The nunchuck fight just CANNOT be beat. Also look for the dude in the middle of the video with the huge TAPOUT tattoo on his belly.

  • ilostmydog says:

    The dude with the Tapout tattoo is Shad Smith, MMA fighter (I guess, kind of).

  • jjdnb says:

    if Kimbo was white, no one would care what he did in the past. Since he’s black everyone will find any reason to dis him

  • Xavier says:

    And it’s a fucking election year. Worst possible thing to happen to MMA since ball punching and Gary Goodridge’s elbows.

    Horrible blow to a young sport, Shaw is a carny and is going to fuck shit up hardcore with the mainstream via CBS exposure. You bitches whine and piss about Dana, but he is at least a good steward for moving MMA forward in the mainstream. Shaw is a jackass carny fuck, one of the idiots that pissed away boxing’s good fortune in the nineties.

    Freakshow shit on CBS is going to set MMA back years. Next he’ll announce some female fight that will go wrong or be excessively bloody. It’ll probably be a one-two punch, second to last match will be Gina Carano opening a gusher on some female can, then the main event will be Thug Lyfe Freakshow attraction.