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Oh baby, you fat

I was getting kinda excited for the Yoshida / Ishii New Years fight, if for no other reason than the hope that it could be a positive force for Japanese mixed martial arts. There’s still a good chance for this, but now here’s pictures from the press conference announcing the fight and goddamn, Yoshida looks like he’s fighting for a belt that will contain his massive fucking gut. Oh, and while Yoshida will probably be wearing his judo gi as usual to honor his roots (and hide his physique), Ishii has decided to go his own way:

Q: Ishii, will you wear you judo gi at the fight?
Ishii: I won’t wear it. I retired from the judo world, so I won’t even wear my gi during the walk-out.

This is probably on account of the judo world telling him to go fuck himself when he decided to choose MMA over the 2012 Olympics.