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OG’s talking shop

On the popular television series “Gangland” there’s always some Original Gangsters they show talking sense, guys who’ve just got out of the joint after 25 years, sharing their wisdom with the knuckleheads who’ve disregarded that knowledge and followed them into a life of jail and death.

Well, replace jail with success and death with punchy speech, and you’ve got the UFC OG’s, son. That’s right, Triple OG’s Royce Gracie, Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, and Tito Ortiz joined FUEL TV’s Jay Glazer to discuss the changes on the street in the past two decades. Chuck Liddell must have been busy allowing some “anonymous” photographer to film him and the hottest chick alive working out together because he was apparently unavailable.

This video is a must for any MMA fan. These cats lived the evolution of the sport, and give us their insight into the changes, both good and bad.


  • Letibleu says:

    thank you for reminding me why i dont have television.

    is that gangland thig for real or did you make that up?