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Oddballs: Sherk vs Griffin going to a decision


The betting line on Sean Sherk vs Tyson Griffin going to a decision – or 4/11 odds. If you were to bet 100 bucks on this going all the way, you’d earn an extra 30 bucks back. Well, this is a surprisingly reasonable line, but that’s why they don’t put me in charge of the odds at any sportsbook. I’d have set that shit to -800 at the least.

Still, if this line was actually offered, I’d bet all my money plus my eyes, liver, and testicles on the fight going to a decision. Yep, body parts in exchange for money … any idea when BetUS will start accepting those kinds of bets? There’s already a healthy organ trade going on below board.

One question though: if someone gets my goodies in a testicle transplant (not gonna happen since this fight’s going to a decision), would it be little me sperm coming out of his penis or little him sperm? Is it the nuts that hold the blueprint, or is it something else that controls that?

(Oddballs is a new regular feature where we get the BetUS oddsmakers to give us MMA betting lines on dumb shit we think up that you wouldn’t normally . Next time: the odds of Evan Tanner dying in the desert.)