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Octagon versus Kumite

Infographics are all the rage on the web right now so it was inevitable that someone would make an MMA related one sooner or later. But who knew it would be so awesome? Rather than fill your heads with useful information, Liam Boylan has decided instead to compare UFC stats to stats from the classic JCVD film Bloodsport. I was always more of a Lionheart kinda guy but you can’t really argue with a film that features Bolo Yeung AND ” target=”_blank”>classic 80s martial arts power anthems by Stan Bush.

The full infographic after the jump.

*UPDATE* This is all part of a larger April’s Fools Day celebration put together by FightMetric. Check out their whole Bloodsport related prank here, which contains analysis on whether Chong Li was an overrated favorite and a complete statistical breakdown for the Kumite final between Dux and Li.

(via the MiddleEasy)