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Octagon jitters

“Octagon Jitters” isn’t just some buzz word the UFC announcer dudes throw around to make up for the terrible performances some UFC virgins put on. Well, okay … it kind of is. But it’s ALSO a real thing that affects even non-shitty fighters. Ben Fowlkes breaks it down:

There’s a name for this phenomenon: “Octagon jitters.” It’s when the pressure of performing on the biggest stage in MMA causes a fighter to freeze up. It’s been known to turn black belts into white belts and make world-class kickboxers leave their chins wide open. It’s why the odds are often against fighters making their UFC debuts, and why many of them find themselves wondering what happened once it’s all over.

Florian had heard about the Octagon jitters before, but he never he’d experience them.

“Afterwards I was so disappointed in myself and felt like I’d let a lot of people down,” he said of his debut fight. “I froze up, and that was way worse than just losing.”