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Obligatory Dancing with the Stars update

With a little help from his friends, Chuck Liddell survived week one of Dancing with the Stars despite getting some pretty terrible scores from the show’s judges. I didn’t call in, but I was hoping Chuck would survive the first week because it’s just fucking embarrassing to be one of the first to go. In this case it was Macy Gray (who’s dance moves are about as smooth as her voice) and some dude who doesn’t even qualify as a D-list celebrity.

But now that the Iceman is still in the running, I’ve realized what this really means: I have to watch at least another episode of Dancing with the Stars. Ah well, I’m down in Tennessee visiting the parents again, so I guess I can watch it with my mommy.

Chuck might not be winning any real dance competitions any time soon, but he IS winning over the hearts and vaginas of many women watching the show. Yesterday Subo posted up a video showing Chuck after the show with some hot blond hanging off his dong, and today I read a few articles from women columnists gushing over how ‘sensitive and bashful’ Chuck came across on the show.

Whether Chuck pulls off his devious plan of warming the loins of your girlfriends, wives, and sisters with a hot salsa number depends on how fast he can learn. He’s earned himself another week but that’s not very long to pick shit up and as we learned from the Shogun fight, the old dog seems a bit slow at picking up new tricks.