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NSAC randomly drug tests everyone at UFC 146 press conference

Yesterday was a busy day for the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Not only did they meet to deal with King Mo’s steroid suspension (more on that soon), they also showed up at the UFC 146 press conference for surprise drug testing!

Yep, Nevada has the ability to randomly test fighters, and has recently been exercising the option to do so more. The last time they tried random testing was for the big Lesnar vs Overeem fight and that resulted in a big cockup which almost derailed the fight completely. This time NSAC head Keith Kizer had a better idea:

“We brought the drug test to them instead of making them go to the drug test,” Kizer said. “If they were not in Las Vegas, I would need to find them a lab, which is of course, much more of a hassle.”

The six fighters tested were UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos, challenger Alistair Overeem, former champs Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir, and Roy Nelson and Antonio Silva.

Well played, NSAC. Well played. Random drug testing is one of the best ways to actually catch cheats – it’s so good that a lot of people are wondering what this round of tests might do to the UFC 146 card. Overeem knew he was down for pee tests due to the aforementioned testing cockup during the Lesnar fight, but what about Antonio Silva, Frank Mir, Junior Dos Santos, and Cain Velasquez?

I’m not too worried about Roy Nelson though. For some reason I suspect his physique has more to do with raw genetics than performance enhancers. Although here’s hoping the NSAC can take action against him for lying to his fans about dropping to 205 if he gets enough Facebook page likes. That bastard broke a sacred trust.