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NSAC Pussies : “No knees to the head for another year at least”

As I mentioned before, Athletic Commissions want to take all the Fun/Danger out of mixed martial arts. According to Keith Keizer, the feuhreur of the NSAC, they just had a rules review meeting yesterday. The result? Despite a number of letters and recommendations from fans, they made no changes to the rule banning knees to the head on the ground in MMA. There won’t be another rules review meeting until the end of next year.

How fucking crap is this??? That’s 365 more days of bullshit. How can this be called mixed martial arts when the fine art of smashing a guy’s fucking skull in with your knees is banned? Honestly, the sport of MMA is a sham without this beautiful and misunderstood offensive tactic.

I mean, sure it’s retardedly dangerous. Sure, someone could die. But you could die sleeping in your bed tomorrow, right? Or be totally struck by lightening any second!!! So yeah … what the fuck? I think this is a total outrage. The idea that these Athletic Commission guys get to tell us what we can or can’t do in MMA is outrageous. I hear some of them aren’t even doctors or nothing! What the fuck.

  • Mike O says:

    knees to the face of a downed opponent are awesome.

    its totally lame and stupid when a guys on his knees trying to tackle a fighters legs, and the only thing the standing fighter can do is try to throw awkward hook punches to the head

  • Accomando says:

    Bull-shit rule.

    All I have to say is, the Swamp Thing totally benefited from this rule against Vera. Took a sweet knee to the temple (garbage that it was illegal) then that vulture got 5 minutes to walk it off.

    Maybe the rule should change to, only 1 knee on the ground means the knee’s can still fly to the face.

  • kermit_01 says:

    I was watching a show the other day that said in Boxing/MMA in the last 3 years only 9 people had died, but it did make it number 3 on the deadly sports, behind sky diving at number 2 and fishing at number 1. I think we need stronger fishing regulations.. :-p

  • Why in god’s name did they combine boxing and MMA? That’s like saying in Nascar / Polo

  • DannyP says:

    Nascar / Polo is a dangerous sport man

  • Ryan says:

    And also bullshit, considering boxing contributed 8 of those deaths. At that’s if you believe the one mystery report about the Korean death.

  • Tommy says:

    It should be illegal when the fighter is on his back. However when a fighter shoots in for the takedown and drops his knee to the mat to aviod his opponent kneeing him to the face is BS. It’s one of the reasons wrestlers do so well in the sport.

  • kermit_01 says:

    Well they didn’t specifically say boxing/MMA they said combat sports, which I assume would include everything else also, but I was more floored that fishing was number one.

  • operator says:

    Yeah if there were knees to the head allowed maybe a fighter would have to do more than put his hand on the matt to protect himself from one. Not much technique or training to learn how to do that. Tito would have to rethink his takedown style and maybe it wouldn’t be so easy for guys like Koscheck to take a guy down and lay on him for three rounds then get a win for octagon control. I do agree that knees to a guy who is on his back or lying down could result in some serious brain damage or death. Those soccer kicks in pride were funny to watch sometimes but I would rather see that than a knee to a guys head while he is lying down. Sometimes there is alot of force behind those knees to the body and that could fuck a guy up or end a career if it was to the head.

  • On a serious note, knees to the head usually result in a ref stoppage … i think we all recognize that knees are dangerous so if a guy gets stuck in a place where they’re gonna take knees then the fight better be stopped. No one is asking the commissions to allow fighters to knee a grounded dude 50 times … but the addition of those kinds of strikes changes the game and the strategy behind it significantly.

  • Smashy Smash says:

    Knees to the head will make some wrestlers (ie. Koschek, Sherk) forces to be reckoned with. There are so many instances that knees to the head would have completely changed the course of UFC history…oh well

  • Dan says:

    ARE YOU GUYS RETARDED?? Have you not heard what happened to Sakuraba earlier this year??? He had blood-flow circulation problems in his brain—and that’s most likely due to ALL THE KNEES HE TOOK TO THE HEAD FROM ARONA

    So, do want the first death in MMA to happen??? Do you want the politicians to ban MMA again ??? If yes, then keep bugging the NSAC about allowing knees to the head on the ground.

  • Sakuraba’s brain was mushed up by Smirnovas with perfectly legal strikes :-p Although maybe if arona hadn’t scrambled him with those knees he never would have gotten beaten so badly later on in his career. Hmm….