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NSAC just wants to get paid

It looks like Vitor Belfort will not be held accountable for ignoring his 9 month steroid suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, so long as he pays the piper:

According to NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, Belfort will be able to participate in Affliction’s Banned card as long as he pays his $10,000 fine.

“As far as Cage Rage goes, that had nothing to do with his discipline here,” Kizer said. “Now, if he does come back and wants to fight here, we’ll ask him about Cage Rage and why it took him so long to pay his fine, but it has nothing to do with the Affliction card.

“It should be no impediment if he pays the fine,” Kizer said.

This is a pretty big difference of attitude from what California State Athletic Commission Armando Garcia takes. He basically tells fighters “If you fight overseas while being suspended, then don’t expect to ever fight in the US again.” Of course, he’s also known for being a raging asshole who twists the rules whenever he wants just so he can be the biggest and bestest asshole he can be. You’ve gotta kinda admire his hard work and dedication to that.

Sooooo I guess now we wait and see if the CSAC will accept the NSAC’s ‘whatever’ regarding Belfort skipping town and not paying his fine. If it was any other commission, I’d say he’s fine. But ya just never know when Armando will give it his 110% to be a total fucker and mess things up.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Its like Armando has fun fucking with MMA events. He loves him some boxing and if he keeps making stuff as difficult as possible maybe promoters wouldn’t want to run in CA.

  • Pontus says:

    I hope they fuck it up good for Belfort.
    There has to be more severe consequences for getting caught cheating.
    How is it with other sports in North America if you get caught with steroids?

    Over here in Europe almost every sport follows the WADA guidelines and if you get caught with doping/steroids you are banned from competition for two years.. If you get caught twice your banned for life.

  • Tanner says:

    He pretty much just told every fighter that if they get busted for steroids they can go over seas and fight while they are still suspended and then come back after the suspension and everything will be fine… as long as you pay your fine. That’s a dangerous fucking precedent to set.