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NSAC gets in on the crazy, denies Frank Mir / Tim Sylvia fight

I was a little sad after K1 ended because I thought I’d run out of things to blame on THE MAN. K1 was a perfect example of THE MAN bringing shit down and ruining all our fun. Who the fuck is THE MAN to say we can’t let giants with tumors in their brains beat the shit out of each other? The Japanese are always trying to set up crazy shit like that, but THE MAN will never let them.

Fortunately for me (since it gives me fuel to rage against the machine), it looks like THE MAN is steppin’ up his game and going after the big dogs. This time it’s the Nevada State Athletic Commission turning down the Tim Sylvia / Frank Mir bout originally planned for UFC74. The official reason?

However, according to the Wrestling Observer, the Nevada State Athletic Commission stepped in and said Mir wasn’t ready to face someone of Sylvia’s caliber. Keith Kizer, the NSAC executive director, made the decision after he factored in Mir’s poor showing against Brandon Vera at UFC 65.

This is interesting for a few reasons: First, the NSAC has a history of gobbling the UFC’s cock. These are the same guys who sanctioned Tito vs Dana and CroCop vs Eddie ‘Dirty’ Sanchez, for God’s sake. But now we have Frank Mir being denied … Frank Mir, who broke Sylvia’s arm in half the last time they met. Sure, this was before Mir bounced his head off a highway doing 90MPH, but has the NSAC seen how badly Tim Sylvia has been lately? If you’re going to deny someone, it should be him for fear that he will cause widespread narcolepsy in anyone witnessing his boring ass fights. At least Frank Mir has the decency to lose in an exciting and painful manner.

UPDATE: Okay, UFCMania’s got the word straight from Keith Keizer:

“That fight [Silvia-Mir II] has not been presented to me, and thus no ‘denial’ has been made. I was asked about the match-up by a reporter and said I would have a hard time approving that fight unless I see a quality win from Mr. Mir first. However, I will keep an open mind.

Translation: “I am a tool of the UFC and I will obey my masters. Even discussing this now makes me fear that Dana will read this and beat me with his golden staff.”