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NSAC files Big John’s reffing app (and not in the good way)

Man, how hard is it to get one of the best and definitely one the most experienced referees back into Nevada and the UFC? Apparently it’s pretty fucking hard. Big John McCarthy, responding to the criticisms that he hadn’t even TRIED to re-apply for a reffing license in Nevada, went ahead and filled out all the paperwork. And just as we expected, Keith Kizer has now thrown that paperwork into the bottom of a filing cabinet to rot:

Asked if McCarthy’s past comments or a perceived animosity felt for McCarthy by the UFC over his Affliction gig may have played a role in his application for a Nevada license being placed in the “pending” file, both Kizer and McCarthy declined comment.

Kizer said the NSAC currently has six referees licensed to work MMA fights, with a current “pending” list of 20-30 applicants vying for an opening in one of those existing slots, most of which will never work in Nevada due to the high qualifications demanded and extreme rarity of an opening. The short list is exactly that, he adds, so qualified referees get enough work to stay sharp.

“We keep our list very short,” Kizer said of the existing list of approved MMA refs, “mainly because we want to keep people busy. We probably have about 20 cards a year. Some states may have 100 people licensed, but how often can they work? You want to have enough work for [referees]. It’s very important that the ref, doctor and inspectors communicate during a fight.”

Given the existing list of six licensed referees and numerous applicants, Kizer could not say when an opening would materialize.

“No one’s been turned down [for a license],” said Kizer. “He’s applied, and he’s in the file with other applicants.”

What a fucking cunt. Dana likewise hee-hawed all over the idea of the UFC bringing Big John to the UK with them. Still strangely undiscussed is the possibility of McCarthy working UFC 104 in California … he’s licensed to work there and is regularly doing shows there, so there is absolutely no reason why he wouldn’t be reffing that card. Unless, of course, a certain bald fight promoter specifically requested that the CSAC keep McCarthy off the card. Which for some reason is still a very real possibility.

Oh, also given a shout out in the Sherdog article: our Big John tweet bomb, which from what I’ve heard has pushed things forward from a stalemate to an ‘unspoken but obvious no’ from both Kizer and White. Yay, I guess? How stupid is this fucking situation???

(image by Combat Lifestyle)