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NSAC fiddles with their MMA rules

It always makes me nervous when commissions fuck with the rules of MMA. In this case I suppose they’re mostly messing with the rules behind the rules … the guidelines they use to regulate things. Still, you can fuck a lot of shit up on that end. I think the latest round of changes from the Nevada State Athletic Commission are generally good, except for one horrible thing. See if you can guess what:

In addition to the implementation of instant replay, the NSAC will also be seeking closure in the complaints that were brought up regarding the alleged excessive greasing of Georges St. Pierre in his January contest with B.J. Penn.

Sec. 10.  NAC 467.7962 is hereby amended to read as follows:

467.7962  The following acts constitute fouls in a contest or exhibition of mixed martial arts:

32.  Applying any foreign substance to the hair or body that could result in an advantage.

Kizer said the key language in the new regulation is the elimination of the vague term “excessive” in reference to the application of vaseline or another greasing agent.

Additional changes being addressed include adjusting the age at which fighters are required to receive annual license reviews from 35 years old to 40 years old, the use of additional tape and gauze when wrapping contestant’s hands, and the ability for promoters to contest five-round non-title fights without prior approval for the contest.

Five round non title fights? Say it ain’t so, Keith! While I’m sure many people are high fiving over the possibility of fights like Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin or Randy Couture vs Big Nog going 25 minutes instead of 15 (and I say ‘like’ because these aren’t in Nevada), just wait till the five round fight becomes the new three round fight. Anything that pushes MMA closer towards boxing’s never-ending bout syndrome is bad fucking news. How about we add the option to stick another period onto hockey games while we’re at it?

Funny enough, I don’t really give a shit about the whole instant replay stuff because we’ve had instant replay in New Jersey for a year and a half and the world hasn’t stopped turning yet. I’m sure I’ll change my mind the first time it’s horribly misused, and I fully recognize the contradiction of assuming the worst for extra rounds while crossing my fingers that commissions aren’t gonna kill the pace of fights while fiddling with replay footage. But what can I say, I hate what I hate.

The greasing change is the main one I think we can all agree is okay. They got rid of all the vague wiggle room and basically replaced it with the vague threat of punishment. Again, it will be interesting to see how this is applied, but at least we’ve taken some baby steps towards fixing that particular hole in MMA rules.