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NSAC commissioner really wanted to know if Mo could read

NSAC commissioner Pat Lundvall – the one who wanted to know if King Mo could speaka and reado da Englis – explains that she wasn’t trying to insult Mo:

“I was not upset, and I never considered it to be derogatory. What I was doing was laying the classic or standard foundation for the gentleman to make sure that he understood the form that he was signing, that it was designed to be a truthful statement and that the information he was supposed to put on the form was supposed to be true and correct… From my perspective, I’ve used that standard line of questioning for each and every athlete that has come before us, when their candor on their pre-fight questionnaire has been an issue. On occasion, we do have fighters that come before us, that have indicated their trainers or maybe someone who was with them at the time or a manager has filled out the form — that they don’t read English, that they don’t understand English, which maybe a second or a third language for them. What we try to do is to ensure that, if we’re going to be taking that into account, that they do understand what it is that they’re signing and that they have read it.”

Oh come on. It was bad enough listening to dopes on forums and other MMA websites claim she was literally establishing for the record if Mo could speak and read English. Now Lundvall herself is making the claim? Just admit it was bitchy lawyering. “Even though I knew Mo could read, I asked him anyways to imply only an illiterate moron would misunderstand the form he filled out incorrectly.” The truth will set you free, Pat! It’ll also clear you of those racism charges and at least give us some context to the bitchiness.