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Now THIS is a promotional video we can get behind

Forget all the mundane promos of fighters being filmed amidst the black setting with the dramatic melody playing in the background, talking about how they’re going to destroy their opponents while Joe Rogan gives us the obligatory, “(insert fighter name) vs (insert fighter name) is a very interesting fight.” That shit got old back when Tim Sylvia was still the UFC heavyweight champion. Some brilliant techie put this gem together and Dana White sent it out into the Twittosphere. It’s a dazzling piece of propaganda that gathers some of the greatest television and movie characters of all time into a pro Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort distortion. You got Paulie Walnuts, Jimmy Conway, Ari Gold, et al, all pissed off when the UFC 151 cancellation was announced, then so overjoyed as Dana declares Belfort the fill-in that they all come together in a teary-eyed circle-jerk and share a kumbaya moment. Kidding about the last part, but you get the drift. Basically, the video kicks ass!