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Nover fainted again

Those actually attending the Fight Night last night may have noticed that one of the fights was missing: Philippe Nover vs Sam Stout. This is because Nover had another fainting spell which was classified by commission doctors as a seizure. TUF watchers may remember Phillipe Nover being the guy who fainted on the first episode of the 8th season, so this has gone from being a one time issue to something worrisome for Nover’s career. Nover seems to realize that too … here’s what he wrote about the situation on his website:

Thanks for all the concern from my friends and fans on my health. Let me explain the situation that occurred this evening. I’ll start off by saying there’s nothing to worry about at this time. My health is great. I feel incredible and I am in peak tip top shape.My weight cut was only about 8 or 9 pounds overall. I dieted as usual for the cut. The weigh-ins were great. I felt good and healthy the whole time here in Oklahoma.

Fight day I woke up and ate as usual and again felt fine. I was in the convention center back stage with my corner. All if a sudden I told my trainer Ralph that I wasn’t feeling to good. I told him I’m going to sit down and I took my headphones off. That’s the last thing I remember until waking up on the floor. Apparently my body stiffened up and I lost consciousness. At that point the Oklahoma commission’s doctors came over and asked me a bunch of questions. Next thing I was interview by a few EMTs and the doctors called fight off.I really can’t explain what went wrong. I wound up going to the ER here and the doctor said everything is normal blood, urine, and CT of my head. The only thing abnormal is my blood sugar being high. But that could be from eating so much in the last 24 hrs after the weigh-ins.

I was so devastated I couldn’t fight that I broke out in tears. But the fact of the matter is I should take care of this problem and see what’s wrong with me so it will never happen again. My health is my only concern. I know I’ll be back to fight. I’m still looking forward to the fight with Stout. I have to see what’s wrong with me first and I’ll be back on the road for the next one. Thanks for all your support. I’ll keep you all posted.

Hopefully this is just a bump in the road for Nover, who’s my favorite fighting murse (male nurse) in MMA. After the way he lost to Kyle Bradley in his last fight, this is the last thing he needed.