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Notice anyone missing?

We’ve been all over the EliteXC/CBS debut show like Gina Carano on chocolate, but one thing we forgot to mention when they released an official press release was who was missing. Yeah … Carano. Nowhere in the press release does Gina’s name come up. Now we’ve also covered the whole Gina/EliteXC situation and I can tell you that it doesn’t look good to us.

The new season of American Gladiators debuts on May 12th, which means they’ll be doing a lot of filming before that and a lot of promotion after that. Gina has already made it clear that she’s not willing to try and balance both of them, and if she has to choose, she’s gonna chose Gladiators. Soooo yeah. For those of you expecting Gina on the card, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • The question is WHY would she pick Gladiators over MMA? I would think that Gladiators has one good season left (I use “good” loosely) with her getting VERY minimal exposure and MMA could keep her name in lights for many years to come. (which means endorsements and movie roles, etc. which means money)

  • …I mean if Cynthia Rothrock can make all these films… …just think what Gina could do (when she doesn’t that month).

  • #1 jackal says:

    Maybe Gladiators offered her more chocolate than EliteXC?

  • ilostmydog says:

    Three posts and no one has yet to mention that Gladiators does not require her to cut weight? For shame…

  • #1 jackal says:

    That was the point I made in my post. She doesnt have to worry about weight when she does the gladiators therefore more chocolate. But I tried to put the weight issue in a “funny” way. Maybe I should improve my funnies. My bad, please dont ban me

  • Xavier says:

    Yay, more Gladiators. I didn’t realize the new season started so soon.

    Good choice, Carano, Joust is way more fun than dealing with Shaw and his cronies.

  • Gina's boy toy says:

    Well at least we’ll see Gina on AG then. I am sure she’ll come back to mma fighting once AG second season is done.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Chocolate is the devil. Now Skittles & Sour Straws, those are the shiznit.

  • Gina's boy toy says:

    Not sure why everyone is saying Gina is fat. Where is there a recent pic showing that. I know she got bigger for AG, but I am sure after that she’ll get down to her fighting shape.

  • selfdestructo says:

    Let’s see. film 13 episodes where she does 2 or 3 events for 2 minutes at a time each episode, or train your ass off for 3 months, then get your face punched in and get paid less.

    The choice is so hard…

  • koolpaw says:

    dont know what this means exactly, but just for your infomation.

    Erin Toughill Joins American Gladiators for Season 2

    oh u already knew it?

  • kentyman says:

    Oh no, baby… baby you fired.