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Nothing story of the day: Shane O’Mac visits UFC HQ

I know you fuckers are big fans of stories that might mean big things or, conversely, might mean literally nothing, and this definitely fits the bill. According to Dave Meltzer via, former WWE executive vice president Shane McMahon was spotted at UFC headquarters yesterday.

So what could it possibly mean? Unsubstantiated speculation in list-form after the jump.

1. Shane McMahon is using his pro-wrestling funded millions to buy a stake in the company.

2. Shane McMahon is being brought in to fight Ochocinco in the new main event of UFC 108.

3. Shane McMahon is being considered for a new management position in the UFC, possibly entitled “Vice President of Manufactured Drama, Nonsensical Fighter Comments, and Outlandish Entrances.”

4. Shane McMahon lost a $10,000 bet with Dana White on who could shovel more White Castle sliders into his face and showed up to pay his debt.

5. Shane McMahon is a fan of MMA and the UFC, and took a visit to HQ for no other reason but to hang out for a while.

6. Dave Meltzer is getting bored with all this shit and made this story up just for shits and giggles.

There you have it. I think I’ve covered all the possibilities. Anybody else got any better ideas?