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Nothing much for Machida after Shogun

Sergio Non gives everyone another reason to hope Shogun Rua beats Lyoto Machida in their May 1st rematch (voodoo curse permitting). A win for Rua means a fine selection of potential challengers and exciting fights. On the other hand, if Lyoto wins… [insert tumbleweed]

  • Because Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva lost so convincingly to Machida already, the winner of their UFC 108 showdown will still need another victory over a big name to regain credibility.
  • The same holds true for Randy Couture, whose decision victory over Brandon Vera at UFC 105 was too close for comfort.
  • The enormously talented Jon Jones lacks a major win and will still lack one even if he beats Matt Hamill on Dec. 5.
  • Jackson quit MMA to make movies.
  • Keith Jardine, Tito Ortiz,Vera and Cane, have to restart after losing their last fights.
  • Anderson Silva has no interest in facing Machida because of their friendship.

Nogueira doesn’t really want that bout either. Ed Soares, whose stable of Brazilian fighters includes Silva, Machida and the Nogueiras, is skeptical about matching them up in the near future.

“Maybe some day that could potentially happen, but Nogueira’s got quite a few fights ahead of him before that,” Ed Soares said in August.

I used to be down with that “Fighters stick together / We’re friends forever / Fight eachother? Never!” showtune attitude but now it’s just pissing me off. We’re starting to see at welterweight how having a few contenders / BFFs at the top of a weight division kinda fucks up the flow of everything, and now a similar development is happening at 205. In this case it’s not just about contenders who are unwilling to fight eachother, it’s contenders who are unwilling to fight the champion. They’re also beating other contenders, shortening the list of challengers even more. Which sucks.