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Not the best weekend for a lot of guys

Brock Lesnar wasn’t the only fighter who just had a bad weekend. Overall, things were pretty crappy for a whole bevvy of big name fighters around the world:

-Brett Rogers went to a decision with Ruben ‘Warpath’ Villareal – a decision! We’re talking about an opponent who’s known for going down faster than a 5 dollar hooker with a hundred dollar bill, and Brett not only couldn’t finish him, he actually lost a round to the dude. I guess it’s always dangerous when you fight an obvious setup of a fight that the can getting crushed will suddenly decide out of nowhere to actually try and win, but this is not a good sign for Rogers. Brett blamed cardio. I blame Strikeforce for shelving Brett for over half a year.

-Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou probably thought that he was gonna take on some shitty foreign fighter when he went to compete in Abu Dhabi. I guess he hasn’t realized he’s become the journeyman brought in to lose: he was TKO’d in the third round. No word yet on if his opponent Shamil Abdurahimov actually knocked him out or Sokoudjou just keeled over like he always does when the bell for the third round sounded. It’s like a Cinderella story where he turns into a pumpkin at midnight, and then Prince Charming comes and slips on a perfectly fitting oxygen mask.

-Paulo Filho has actually been doing okay since that Twilight Zone period in the WEC where he was addicted to whatever and just out of his mind crazy. He had four wins and a draw coming into the weekend but lost a decision to Marcos Rogerio de Lima in Brazil.

-Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua also dropped a decision to Team Cesar Gracie’s Roy Boughton, which probably means that “Ninja in the UFC” campaign is gonna experience a bit of a setback.

(image via MMA Canada, which also has a play by play of the Rogers and Ninja fights)