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Not the sound of someone seriously contempating retirement

From the above Sportsnet interview, transcribed by CageWriter:

“If (White) decided he doesn’t want me to fight. His decision as a friend and not as a promoter,” said Liddell. “As a promoter he can still make money on me fighting. Get those big money fights for him out there.”

“So when we have a talk I know he’s got serious concerns,” said Liddell. “If I decide I want to fight still, I have to convince him that I can and I’m able. And it’s not going to hurt my health. That’s probably most what he’d be worried about. We’ll talk, we’re going to figure it out.”

Other quotes from the video:

“I still feel good about the way I can fight”

“If I was feeling any kind of health problems I’d be concerned with that but I haven’t even had a headache after a fight so it’s not something I think I’m running into problems with.”

Mumblechuck doesn’t sound like a guy who’s seriously thinking about hanging up the gloves … right now he seems more interested in figuring out what hoops he’s gotta jump through so Dana White will book him to fight again. Unfortunately, those helmets retarded kids wear probably aren’t allowed in the cage so I think the Iceman might be screwed.