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Not something to be proud of

Midsy points out the obvious reality regarding the fact that Rampage started his training camp at a chunky 251 pounds:

I don’t care if Dolce and Primetime want to put a positive spin on it, but the fact that Rampage got so heavy absolutely raises questions about whether he can get back into the kind of shape he was in at the top of his career. When Rampage was in his 20s, he’d fight every few months (in 2003 he actually had six fights in Pride) and never have time to get out of shape. But now he’s in his 30s, and no matter how hard he’s worked over the last 13 weeks,he’s coming off a year in which he allowed himself to get into the worst shape of his life.

You might be able to drop the gut (and quit smoking, lolwtf) over a few months but how about getting your cardio up to the point where you can compete with someone like Rashad Evans? Jackson has been known to gas in his fights (he often blames this factor as why he got ass-whupped by Shogun and Wanderlei), and if he comes out angry and wild in the first it just raises the chances that he’s gonna go all flat footed and slow by the end of the fight.