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Not so true romance

If Affliction and Golden Boy’s ‘partnership’ was a marriage, it’d be one of those creepy marriages where the couple sleeps in separate beds and the dad has a mini-apartment built in the basement to get away from the wife he desperately hates but can’t leave because she’d take half his money. Okay, maybe that’s not the most fitting analogy in the world, but you get my point: the honeymoon phase is over, if there even was one.

We mentioned before that Affliction and Golden Boy were actually COMPETING against each other on the same night. There was speculation a few days ago that Golden Boy might move it’s event, but of course that would be POSITIVE for Affliction and therefore it didn’t pan out. So to recap: yep, still competing. Go team!

There’s not a whole bunch to this story – I think we’ve gotten all the snickers we’re gonna get out of this particular tale of idiocy. So most of the sites out there are looking at this and throwing in their two cents on the health of Affliction. Here’s Luke Thomas:

Admittedly, my first concerns centered on the specifics of the Affliction MMA product and how exclusively it catered to a narrow demographic. Yet, when we factor those concerns with the structural impediments like the potential problem described above, the economic recession, the position between two major UFC PPV cards, lack of fan awareness, brand identity related to MMA, etc. is there anyone who would like to tell me that the UFC really has a competitor on their hands? And that question is extended to some of the veteran MMA journalists who cosigned on that buffoonery.

If you think that’s too negative, don’t worry … Bloody Elbow also presents a fanboi’s impression of things at Affliction:

If Affliction is able to refocus their advertising efforts and cut down on the cost of salaries, we could see a very profitable show. It is within reason that this show could break 200,000 buys which would have to be considered a massive success considering it is not being rub by Zuffa. From a matchmaking perspective, Josh Barnett will likely face the Arlovski/Fedor winner. Should Barnett fight on the upcoming card and look impressive, that will only increase the buyrate for Affliction’s third show.

The fact is that Affliction made a few rookie mistakes on their first outing. As long as they are able to learn from those mistakes and put on an entertaining, competitive, and profitable card, we may very well have a dominant number two to the UFC’s clear number one spot in North American MMA.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, perhaps you’re not smoking enough crack?