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Not so fast, Strikeforce

News of Kazuo Misaki signing with Strikeforce last week didn’t exactly set the internets on fire. Sure, everyone recognized the importance of the deal since Misaki is a pretty big name in Japan. But I doubt the dude is gonna sell more than a hundred tickets in San Jose. Plus I’m still not buying him as a top talent, regardless of how sweet his trouncing of Akiyama was. Anyways, turns out the announcement was a bit premature, and the deal isn’t quite done yet. JoJo Breen has more:

Grabaka frontman Sanae Kikuta (Pictures), as well as World Victory Road executive and J-ROCK president Takahiro Kokuho are reportedly leading the negotiations with Strikeforce, which would reportedly allow Misaki retain the ability to fight for WVR’s Sengoku promotion in Japan while competing in Strikeforce stateside. However, the source stated that while Misaki is waiting to officialize the deal, he has yet to even see the contract, let alone sign it.

I don’t see Strikeforce having an issue with Misaki fighting for other promotions … they’ve allowed tons of their guys to do whatever they want (although it has come back to bite them in the ass a few times). The big question is if Misaki wants way more than he’s worth in America. But if this whole deal was still at that negotiating stage, why the fuck would Strikeforce have announced the deal already???

**UPDATE** Strikeforce has refuted the story, saying they’re holding a contract in their hands right now which was signed by Misaki. No word yet on if it’s really Misaki’s signature or just kanji for “We’ll get back to you”

  • Higgz says:

    Perhaps Strikeforce and M1-Global are in cahoots. “Well, by saying that we SIGNED him, what we really meant was, we EMAILED him about maybe having lunch with us sometime next year…”


  • Márcio says:

    It seems a bit strange to me that he would sign with Strikeforce, even if you don’t appreciate the fighter you have to recognize that he’s a big name in Japan, so he would have no problem getting fights there. I can’t figure it out why would he sign with a second tier American organization. If this is true, Strikeforce must be breaking the bank to pay him.

  • dandeman says:

    Does anyone in either M-1 Global or Strikeforce know how get a properly written contract signed and approved. Or do we have to recommend that the owners take a business class or something at their local community college. It seems that Vince McMahons old school handshake deals have more weight then the toilet paper these things are written on

  • queero mcgayguy says:

    You don’t buy him as a top talent? He weighs less than Nick Diaz did when he got killed by KJ fucking Noons (seriously, Diaz cut 23lbs, and Misaki fights middleweights while weighing 181) and beats guys like Hendo.

    This deal was supposed to happen last year, the money is in America now, and Strikeforce take care of their guys.