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Not enough people saw Jon Jones destroy Shogun

It might be the Jon Jones era, but tell that the unwashed idiot masses. UFC 128 ppv sales were surprisingly meh. Take it away, Meltzer Cat:

Our earliest PPV estimates, and keep in mind anything this early is just an estimate, have ranged from 415,000 to 470,000, with the average being 445,000.

Being the hypochondriacs we are, there MUST be some deeper reason for these poop numbers. Let’s look at a few possibilities!

Lamestream Media ignored it: ESPN apparently only cares about MMA when pro wrestlers are involved. Who gives a shit about a 23 year old wunderkind who was widely expected to fistrape one of the greatest fighters of all time? Not them, apparently.

Oversaturation: Bloody Elbow’s go to excuse for every event that doesn’t blow the lid off shit. They’re like High Expectations Asian Grandfather or something. I don’t buy it – I remember all those three week periods where there was no UFC. They sucked and the past three months have felt practically Dickensien to me. Please sir, can I have some more? Yeah, I know that wasn’t Dickens, shut the fuck up.

Urijah Faber is mortal: Think about how Fedor’s last two losses have allegedly destroyed his mystique and then look at Urijah Faber losing three and dropping down a weight class. Has he lost his lustre now that he’s not a mini-god? Or maybe it’s because the marketing team didn’t ram his ass chin down our ass hole this time? We’ll get to see Urijah’s PPV powers when he faces off against Dominick Cruz, but they definitely weren’t in effect this time.

The Miller brothers: I know Jim Miller is awesome, but if Dan can’t win you know it’s going to be a boring grind of a fight that always goes to decision. And most people still get the two mixed up.

TUF guy vs Washed Up: Those who watch UFC prelims religiously might know that Brendan Schaub has shotguns in his fists, but to everyone else this fight musta looked like ‘Guy from the worst season of TUF ever versus guy who’s fight with Frank Mir was the worst fight of the year.’ Now there’s a promotional angle you didn’t see on the Countdown show.

All in all, it was a weak card (promotion wise) minus the main event. And funny enough, people no longer trust UFC main events like they used to. There’s a general opinion I’ve heard many times before amongst casual fans that the headlining fight is almost always disappointing so there better be something else of interest on the card to really sell them. Perhaps that’s it.

Or perhaps tomorrow another 150,000 ppv buys will magically appear out of Delaware or something and this entire discussion will be pointless.

  • glassjawsh says:

    i think it has more to do with the fact that this card was essentially wedged between two mega events (127 doesn’t count because it was a crap card AND it was in australia AND it came so soon after 126)

    buyer fatigue has to play in somewhere

  • vanceller says:

    Maybe this isn’t as wide-spread as I’d imagine, but I had way fewer people come over for 128 than for most events because they chose to stay home and drink all evening/night watching the NCAA tournament. That could have dented the casuals a bit across America i guess?


  • frickshun says:

    I’m not one for research so maybe someone whose life is much emptier than mine can check into this….

    450k x $50 = $22.5 MILLION. Maybe that’s down a few mil from where they like championship fights to be. But compare the # of PPV cards they’ve run in the last 12 months to the number of PPV cards they ran in a 12 month period from a couple of years ago & tell me they’re not doing better now.

    WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT THE PPV # IS?! Dana’s utilities aren’t about to get cut off (sorry Ryan) & he won’t have to switch to mid-grade fuel for his McLaren F-1. They’re making sick money & still try to find ways to get us more free fights. HELLO, FACEBOOK CALLING. You guys are pissing me off more than the day I realized my penis stopped growing (I was 5).

  • Catfish says:

    March Madness is a big deal. ESPN barely covers anything else around this time.

  • agentsmith says:

    ^ No shit, even HDNet is bumping my beloved “Drinking Made Easy” for college basketball.  Fuck those kids and their hoops!

  • 7th Offensive says:

    For me, Faber and Barboza were the only interesting parts of the card, once the main event turned into a slaughter.

    Don’t know why people are being so hard on Faber just because his largely unknown opponent had good TD def in the first round. He still looked great.

  • Letibleu says:

    I remember Fertitta mentioning that Zuffa gets about half of the PPV revenues. The rest goes to taxes and PPV itself. This is why Zuffa is starting to push harder and harder for web rentals. The revenue % from that is much higher. I won a free online PPV rental @ UFC Poker so I will be trying it soon. If you like poker and you don’t play UFC poker, you are missing out on shit loads of easy free stuff to win (Including free tickets to events with airfare/hotel/spending money included and a backstage pass & supper with Mr.White).

  • scissors61 says:

    Lamestream Media

    ewwwww, “palinism” 

  • CAP says:

    As I closed my stream I was glad I didn’t pay for it.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    shitty card and buyers fatigue… like usual for a card with out GSP, Chuck or Brock involved

  • iamphoenix says:

    a black person was headlining.