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Nope, no MMA experience here

Sam Caplan has landed an interview with the awesomely named Chuck Champion. Is Chuck Champion a more epic name than Max Power? I’ll let you decide. Chuck is ProElite’s new Chairman of the Board, replacing Doug DeLuca. The whole interview is full of corporate doublespeak, but when you boil it down, here’s some of the things you can read between the lines: Chuck and Gary didn’t get along, Gary didn’t play well with the rich morons on the board, and Jared Shaw is gonna be around for a little while longer. My suspicion is that Gary included ‘Idiot son keeps job’ in his golden parachute, which means you should see Jared pushed into an increasingly small role over the coming months.

Oh, and there was a lot of talk about who’s left to run ProElite that actually, ya know, has a tiny little bit of experience in MMA. And while they do seem to have a decent amount of guys lower down on the totem pole who know their shit, the question is if the leadership will be smart enough to let them do their jobs. Because Chuck certainly doesn’t have any experience:

Sam Caplan: When you were first approached about getting involved with ProElite as the company’s CEO, what was your initial reaction about transitioning into the MMA industry?

Chuck Champion: I didn’t know anything about it. I’m embarassed to say it, but I never watched “The Ultimate Fighter.” I never watched a UFC event. Yeah, I had read stories about it in the paper, but I never watched it. With six kids, there wasn’t any spare time. So I didn’t get into the sport. I came to it, and I probably had some retiscenes about it as a 54-year old non-demographic of the sport. “What the heck is this all about?” But the more I’ve gotten into it, quite frankly, the more excited I’ve become by it. Again, it’s around the dedication of the fighter. It’s around his skills. And the more I learn the different styles and the art of it and the science of it, the more I understand it and the more excited I get about it.

I wonder how the fuck you even get hired when you’ve never been involved in the sport you’re about to work in? Because we’re not talking lower to mid level position here. This fucking guy is Chairman of the freakin Board.