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Noons: You can’t strip me, I resign!

Yesterday, KJ Noons announced that he was a free agent because he only owed EliteXC ‘championship fights.’ Whatever that means. Several people have talked to Noons since then to clarify, and while he’s still claiming that championship fights are the only fights covered under his contract, that still … makes … no … sense. I would love to get a look at that contract and read the clause that supports Noons’ claims. And then I’d love to do some of the drugs whoever wrote that contract was on. Because they sound AWESOME.

Also mentioned is that Noons tried to resign before EliteXC stripped him of the belt:

“I have a written document, an e-mail that I had sent to them about four to five days before they stripped me of the belt and the e-mail basically said I wanted to give the belt back under the terms of them terminating me and no response,” Noons stated. “About five days later I’m sitting down with family and friends and I’m getting a million calls on a Friday night telling me that my belt has been stripped.”

I’m not sure what the point of telling everyone this is. Is it a “I don’t care because I was gonna quit anyways” thing? A “Look at how unprofessional EliteXC is” thing? Whatever the purpose is, I think it’s safe to say it failed. All this just leaves me more perplexed at the situation and how EliteXC and Noons managed to fuck themselves over so impressively.