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Noons vs Diaz 2 is on the next CBS show

(Esther Lin captures the pose off magic from Noons vs Diaz 1)

A few things happened in the wee hours of the night yesterday: EliteXC booked Nick Diaz to face off against KJ Noons for their second fight, and are probably moving the event from St Louis to Stockton, California. If you’re wondering how Diaz is going to fight for EliteXC on July 26th when he’s supposed to fight for DREAM on the 21st, he’s not. EliteXC has pulled the plug on that one. And the proposed move to Stockton? Apparently promoters were concerned that a monster truck rally (for reals) would draw too many of their target audience.

Personally, I have a few issues about the Stockton thing. First of all, the California State Athletic Commission has a hate-on for Nick Diaz that burns brighter than the sun. They canceled his previous fight in California at the last second, and I doubt they’re going to let him fight again without piss, blood, and hair samples to prove he hasn’t been trying to dick around their dope testing system.

Second, I’m amazed that you can come into your fight 9 pounds overweight, have a mediocre performance, start a fight in the ring, and not only earn yourself a title shot but one in your hometown to boot. I ‘get’ that EliteXC is in a bit of a desperate position with a second CBS event basically forced on them at the last second. So they’re likely to do what they gotta do to ensure they succeed. But I also get the feeling that EliteXC would have made this move regardless of the scenario. Which is lame.

Personally, I enjoy me a bit of tomfoolery. It’s certainly more entertaining than news about random fighter X fighting random fighter Y. But it seems like we’re on a slippy slope here towards a lot of the same idiocy that took boxing down. The promoters don’t curb their dumb athletes, and their dumb athletes get dumber and dumber. Fights get ruined, controversies erupt, and people decide that MMA is bullshit and full of corrupt assholes. That’s what I see when I hear that Nick Diaz is fighting for the belt in Stockton. Which is too bad, because it all overshadows the fact that it should be a great fight.

  • Lifer says:

    i have it on good authority that Esther Lin actually started that fight.

  • Hammer says:

    It is hard to make weight when you are roided up. You build a lot of lean muscle that is hard to get rid of and obviously aggressive personality traits become more apparent.. Unfortunately it does not increase cranial capacity or common sense.

  • Hammer says:

    Judging from the photo, Noons clearly needs to get in touch with a trainer that will inject some equi and winny into his ass as well..

  • koolpaw says:

    phewww so we dont need to watch SUMO guy in MMA ring of Japan? oh wait, he will fight at 179 lbs against Sakurai then few days later will fight at 169 lbs against KJ?

    mmm? im confused !

    first of all, did they show that “Medical card” to prove smoking weed for medical purpose to CSAC?

    Dont send us stoned SUMO guy pls! SUMO is ok, but NO STONED HEAD !!

  • koolpaw says:

    ohhh that stoned web said

    “Nick Diaz will not be fighting Mach Sakurai. At least not in the July Dream card, as EliteXC has decided to not let him fight due to “contractual obligations’. Apparently EliteXC has other plans for Diaz and the July date might conflict with their plans.

    ‘I was happy to be fighting Sakurai and hoping to get back there to Japan where they have you fight in a ring and there seems to be more respect for the art of MMA. I hope they will still have me back soon to fight him (Sakurai) for the belt..’ -Diaz

    PLS dont come back Nick san for buddha`s sake !!

  • mexphenom19 says:

    who ever wrote that hating shit about nick diaz fuck you becuz diaz and his brother represent the mexican way of fighting and noons is going down

  • koolpaw says:

    not hating them 😀
    if ur “mexican way of fighting” means cheating weight with promoter/eventer like

    EliteXC and Nick
    WBC and Sosa

    thats fine. great. just NO THANK YOU

    We all know mexiacan fighters are great without cheating in MMA, Boxing and respect them a lot.

    We will give u our super Cheater Kameda so just dont send us cheaters. Thats all 😀

  • Hammer says:

    Wow such racial sensitivity with all those wonderful expletives.. If I were Mexican, I am not sure I would be claiming The Diaz brothers as my own, or as the way of Mexican fighting tradition. Black white or green the dude used roids, acts like a child and is a marginal fighter.

    Adios my angry hombre..

  • RT says:

    When did either of them use roids? Getting popped for weed is just a wee bit different. As for the all the heat and anticipation for this match you can thank Mr. Diaz for knowing how to sell a fight and KJs Dad for being to drunk for his own good.

  • garth says:

    uh, yeah, the roids talk is bizarre.

    the “Stupid fuckface” talk in regards to Nick Diaz is RIGHT ON though. The guy’s a jackass. The facts are that he was 9 fuckin’ pounds overweight. That kid should have just turned down the fight. He was weighing in with shit in his pockets to seem larger.
    Of course then nick would have complained about what a pussy the guy was because he wouldn’t take a fight against a FUCKING WELTERWEIGHT. Next time he’ll complain because “That fuckin faggot wouldn’t fuckin fight just because i had a fuckin knife in my pants and was going to stab him. i mean, you know what i’m saying, it fuckin warfare in there, like, for reals”

    god damn it. i broke my vow already.

  • Hammer says:

    come on boys. anyone that knows sports and body type can look at Diaz and know he is juiced. A la Vargas. Another classy fighter… NOT..

  • Are we talking about the same Diaz?

  • RT says:

    Dudes trolling

  • ekc says:

    ahh… nick and nate never threw a punch or charged the Noons camp….

    but i would like to blame esther lin for everything also.

  • Looks like their back at the little rascals club house again. Nick looks like a complete retard in that pic.

  • fightfan says:

    FL said

    “I’m amazed that you can come into your fight 9 pounds overweight, have a mediocre performance, start a fight in the ring, and not only earn yourself a title shot but one in your hometown to boot”

    I agree 100% And if CBS is worried about their image, dont they realize that Diaz or his brother ro some other moron in his crew will be flipping off everyone and everything, as well motherfucking dudes every other word.

    Tough ass nick Diaz just had an interview saying that he wants to fight the best????? So that is why he is NOT fighting in the UFC and CANCELS a fight with a top 10 fighter(Sakuri) to fight, in Diaz’s own word “a little punk ass bitch tht cant fight”

    What would be even funnier is if Diaz cant make 160 and Noons refuses to fight him. That would be some funny shit!!!! And fat ass nutsack Gary Shaw better make Diaz come in a 160, the fucking weight class he “invented” for Diaz

  • Steve says:

    “And fat ass nutsack Gary Shaw better make Diaz come in a 160, the fucking weight class he “invented” for Diaz”

    He doesn’t have a choice in championship fights. If Diaz comes in even an ounce over 160, he cannot fight for the belt. Noons could agree to a non-title fight at a catchweight, but the SAC will not allow title fights unless both guys are under the limit.

  • Spork says:

    What the fuck, I was ready to jump on tickets for a St. Louis show and its being moved because of.. monster trucks? Fuck me

  • mexphenom19 takes it up the ass says:

    yea why all yall plAyuh haters gots to be dissin on the diaz brothers.they aint never start nothing noons was givin my man nick the look so he said fuck that shit.

  • kwagnuth says:

    Nick Diaz on steroids are you sure you’re not mistaken Noons for Diaz cuz he looks like more of a candidate for steroids. As far as aggressive personality goes he probly can’t afford his weed habbit and gets grumpy when he runs out. Either way he is the skinniest roidmonkey I have ever seen.

  • dandeman says:

    If coming at someone full of piss and wind is the Mexican way of fighting then I feel sorry for the state of Mexican athletic affairs. Julio Cesar Chavez is rolling over in his dementia.

  • Ryan says:

    What I don’t understand is why there haven’t been any comments on the photo other than Nick looks stupid. There are about 3,000 other AMAZING things about that photo that make me cackle with glee.

    1. Weighing in in some shed.
    2. $kala doing a minime of his fatass dad.
    3. Nate poking his head out like a tard.
    4. Nick’s monkey pose.
    5. Shaw raising both their arms: VICTORY and BEYOND! You both made fucking weight.
    6. Random WT in fatigues and a beater (probably Noons’ mom)
    7. Noon’s puffy sweatpants and Diaz’s jeans and tennis shoes

    Okay, so only 7, not 3,000.

  • kentyman says:

    Like the old saying goes: A picture says 7 things.