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Noons update: yep, still fucked

Well hasn’t the KJ Noons situation turned into a complete cockup. I guess that’s what happens when you pit Jared Shaw against Mark Dion … it’s like the douchebag equivalent of irresistible force meeting an immovable object.   Deadlines have come and gone, hurtful things have been said all around, and thus far we’re not one single fucking millimeter (or fluid ounce for you imperials) closer to Noons vs Diaz.

At this point, both sides have said their piece and now Jared Shaw is just running around repeating his over and over in the hopes that loudest and last wins the argument. The latest threat? That Noons will never see the light of television again if he keeps this up:

Look Percy, there is nothing that says I can’t put KJ Noons on an undercard; off TV. He can be first fight of the night; champion or not. There is no rule to that so who is really threatening who here? Again, being a champion is a great thing, but if you are not around, having a belt doesn’t mean anything because nobody knows who you are. Win or lose in a fight with Nick Diaz, I believe both of them come out stars.

Shaw wouldn’t be the first promoter to shoot off his toe to teach his foot a lesson … DREAM opened it’s last two shows with lightweight standout Shinya Aoki in the pole position. Except in fighting, the pole position is the worst position ever. They did it because Aoki dared to bitch about having to fight twice in a matter of weeks in order to stay in the lightweight tournament. I’m not exactly sure what that accomplished for DREAM, but they generally got away with it because people barely pay attention to the megasketch shit that goes on in Japan, let alone the fight order.

Over here on the other hand, it’ll be one big drama llama traipsing through the fields every time Noons opens a show. That’s IF they can even convince him to accept a fight.