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Noons: Nick Diaz is a ‘dumb motherfucker’

I know the whole ‘These guys really don’t like eachother’ angle has been played out a bit recently, but come on … these guys REALLY DON’T LIKE EACHOTHER!

“The whole Nick Diaz thing, he’s a great fighter,” said Noons, who sports a 12-2 record in pro boxing. “You look at everything since he first fought (and) I never took away that he’s a good fighter. I just said he’s an idiot. I don’t like his personality. He’s a good fighter. As a person, he’s a dumb motherfucker.”

When asked about the latest in-cage post-fight brawl involving Diaz at an April 17 Strikeforce event in Nashville, Tenn., Noons was hardly shocked by what transpired live on CBS.

“Am I surprised that it happened again? Are you? I’m not surprised,” said Noons. “I’m taking nothing away from him. He beat Sakurai, who used to be one of my training partners for a long time. That guy is really good. As a person I just don’t like him. Am I surprised? No. Actually I feel sorry for the guy. Too bad he’s not better on the outside. He’d actually be a better star and people would like him better. I’m not talking shit; that’s just the plain truth.”

With Noons having a 96.4% chance of getting exposed as a one trick pony the second any decent wrestler gets his hands on him and Nick Diaz being unable to compete in the August 21st start to the Strikeforce middleweight tournament, why not just make the damn fight, Strikeforce? Showtime? Bueller? Bueller?