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Noons is gonna get his ass kicked

Today is ‘shit on fighters’ day, apparently. This post’s victim is EliteXC welterweight (or whatever his stupid weight is) contender KJ Noons. I’m not a big fan of Noons’ … he’s had some success in boxing and kickboxing but his only significant win so far in MMA was against Edson Berto, who is respectable but nowhere near top quality MMA.

Gary Shaw has been working his ass off trying to build Noons up as a star in a similar fashion to Gina Carano. Except now I guess Gary’s decided to throw Noons into the deep end against Nick Diaz to see what happens. I don’t know exactly what Noons has done to earn this fight / title shot … once again, I think this shows a lack of depth in EliteXC’s roster.

I don’t really mind that much because I’ll enjoy watching Nick punk this bitch. But I do feel bad for Diaz. To come off a win against one of the top lightweights in the world and now be stuck fighting scrubs must be pretty damned frustrating. Not only does Nick not get any props for beating these guys, he’s putting his rep on the line every time he steps into the cage to fight. If he gets caught and knocked out by one of these upstart challengers, that would do hella damage to his rep. These fights are all risk and no gain for him.

  • Adam says:

    Scrubs? Noons is a tought opponent for Diaz, especially if Nick continues to try to stand and bang with strikers. Sure, Diaz has good striking, but his jiu jitsu wins him fights. If Nick takes it to the ground, Noons is done, but if he stands and trades with Noons, it could be a long night for Diaz.

  • Have you seen Noon’s record? Only two of his 7 opponents has an above 500 record. He lost a slugfest to Crazy Horse Bennett. EliteXC wants this guy to be the real deal so bad … I guess we’ll see what he’s got on Saturday.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Let’s hope we get to see some of nick’s marshmallowy punching.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    you dont want a crazyhorse double kick from the turnbuckle!!!!

  • Jonathan says:

    Honestly, if Diaz can take the best thing that Gomi can throw at him, then he can take whatever Noons can toss at him. Combine this with his ability on the ground, and he has like a 99% chance of winning that fight.

  • Ason says:

    If they’re such scrubs why is it a risk for him to get in the ring with them? I have more respect for Mike Aina now not less for Diaz.

  • Because anything can happen in a fight.

  • Mike_N says:

    Diaz has a ridiculous chin, so I’m not really sure that Noons is going to be able to dent it if neither Gomi nor Robbie Lawler could. I don’t necessarily enjoy all of the drama and jawing that tends to accompany a Diaz fight, but I definitely respect his skills and his willingness to fight anyone anywhere.

    And I totally agree with Fightlinker: for what it’s worth, Diaz has very little to gain and everything to lose by taking these fights.

  • Diaz will Pitter patter too a unanimous decision.
    If Diaz decides to the smart thing ang take him down he’ll win easy