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Non-slip ads please

The first visible sign of Patrick Cote’s knee getting fuxored was halfway through the second round. Cote jumped forward to attack Silva and skid/slipped from the central Bud Light ad onto the canvas. His leg twisted and he hopped back to shake it out. Now we know that Cote’s injury wasn’t a new one, but was that slip part of the reason why his knee gave out? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t we do something about the advertising decals on the octagon mat?

I don’t know the process for how the UFC puts it’s advertisements onto the mat. I do know that many fighters often complain that the ads often have different grips, and you often see dudes stalk across the octagon only to go banana heel one they hit a decal. At UFC 89 the Gears of War 2 advertisement seemed to cause several fighters some issues, including Brandon Vera and Keith Jardine. This isn’t the only time we’ve seen it … it’s just the most recent incident that I can specifically remember.

Can you imagine another sport where athletes could be hurt because of the way advertisements are presented? In MMA it’s worse than others … a simple slip in other games means a botched play and some embarrassment. In MMA it could result in the other fighter jumping you and punching your lights out. So even if there isn’t a rash of fighters blowing their knees out on these things, it still needs to be addressed.

I’m not saying get rid of the ads … obviously that’s not practical. But surely something can be done where the things are added to the canvas via a dye process or something so there’s no difference in traction for the fighters.