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Nog’s knee was fucked too

Many have looked at Frank Mir’s stoppage of Big Nog as proof that Mir is the real deal. These people don’t take into account that Nog was pretty much falling apart for that fight:

“I wasn’t getting to take the fight to the floor. I had an injury two weeks before the fight when I went to USA. I had my knee hurt and tore my meniscus and it messed up my standing training and takedowns,” he told Brasil Combate this weekend.

“My knee displaced many times during the fight. I wasn’t well at all. I wasn’t 100%. Now it’s time to train harder and face Randy.”

Having had surgery since the fight, he is now recovered and into his training camp, which will include sessions with UFC middleweight boss Anderson Silva.

That’s in addition to a funky staph infection. I know very few fighters ever get to enter the cage at 100%, but what percentage do you figure Nog was in for that fight? You can legitimately say that the Nog we’ve seen in the UFC is probably 70% the fighter he was in PRIDE due to all the wear and tear he took. Add on staph and a fucked knee, and that put him at what?

I’m not saying that Nog is going to come back at UFC 102 against Randy Couture magically restored to 100%. I’m just saying Frank Mir still sucks.