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Nog is having trouble with his spare parts

Big Nog isn’t the kind of guy who’ll let a little thing like surgery keep him from fighting. Shortly after recovering from knee and hip surgery he was back in the cage knocking out Brendan Schaub. But the snapped arm he received care of Frank Mir is causing him a few unexpected problems. Here’s Nog talking about why he pulled out of UFC 149:

“I felt pain in the last four sparrings and we were controlling the pain with physiotherapy, but when the trainings intensified in wrestling after Erick Albarracin’s arrival, I began to make more complex positions with the arm,” he says.

“It has a metal pin in it and the arm was receiving strains that didn’t happen in the beginning of the training camp. I have to change the schedule to be able to get back to one hundred per cent.”

In addition to a column written for Tatame explaining the situation, his physiotherapist (who must love having Nog as a client – cha ching, baby!) said this about the current situation:

“I spoke with the neurologists and there is no way to give a prediction for his return because it depends on the interpretation of [the metal pin] by his brain. We need to change it, since there is an odd body inside his arm and he needs to get used to it and to the moves he has to do.”

There are times where this physiotherapist sounds more like a mechanic than a doctor. I’m kinda shocked that this is the first chunk of metal Nogueira has had put in his body. You’d figure after everything he’s gone through he’d be at least 30% rods, screws, and prosthetic implants.