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Nog Brothers leaving BTT part 2

A little update on the issues between Brazilian Top Team and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. It’s now being said that neither of the Noguera brothers are training or speaking with BTT leaders.

In Globo sport show, there is nothing about the possible exit of the Nogueira brothers from the Brazilian Top Team, where the twin brothers haven’t shown up in two months. Minotauro has yet to comment on the subject, but evidence suggests that he, who will travel to the United States this weekend, with Rogerio, who will take off soon to be with the boxing team in São Paulo, will invest big time in his old dream of Minotauro Team.

Also, it’s interesting to note the inclusion of ‘manager’ Joinha Guimaraes in the article. It looks like this is less of a temporary tiff and more of a permanent split. The only question now: will the Nog brothers go with Black House or start their own team?

  • Jonathan says:

    Do you see them starting their own team? I mean with Pride drying up as we speak, is there going to be an avenue for a just starting out high profile Brazilian team?

  • maafaka says:

    Pride is/was not the only way for brazilian fighters..theres also a scene in brazil, ya know.
    If the nogs would join Black house it would make it the next big thing over there tho..