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No wonder BJ was worried about overtraining

Bloody Elbow has a great writeup on Marv Marinovich, BJ Penn’s strength and conditioning coach for UFC 101. They kinda mentioned that Marv had created and destroyed his own son on the UFC countdown show, but the details on this one are pretty crazy:

Marv was criticized by many national media outlets due to the “test tube” nature in which Todd was brought up to be this “super athlete”. He never tasted a Big Mac or an Oreo, only ate unprocessed foods, took his own sugarless cake and ice cream to birthday parties, and only consumed beef that wasn’t treated with hormones. Marv pushed Todd into physical training when he was just one month old by stretching his tiny limbs for him and creating games for the small infant to lift things.

Todd went on to be a fantastic football player, but in 1993, all the accomplishments he had acquired throughout his career had went down the drain. Alcohol and drug abuse were everywhere in his life, and his third positive test with the NFL ended his career with the Raiders. He tried to make a comeback in the CFL with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but subsequently blew out his knee in his return. Todd moved to Mexico, played in a band called “Scurvy” that almost got a record deal, but one of the lead band members got busted for heroin… ruining their chances. Todd had become a full-blown addict himself due to his relationship with the band. More stints within the CFL and Arena Football league, but eventually Todd left the game for heroin.

One of Todd’s last great accomplishments was tying an Arena Football League record for most touchdowns thrown in one game (10) while suffering from heroin withdrawl. His symptoms were so bad that he shit his pants right before the game! I’m both impressed and horrified.