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No venue in Abu Dhabi?

So while setting up UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Zuffa ended up selling the country a 10% stake in the UFC. I guess all that wheeling and dealing got pretty hectic because amidst all the business talk and gun play, one small thing has been overlooked: there’s nowhere in Abu Dhabi for the UFC event to happen.

Yep, while every city worth it’s salt in North America has an arena because of stuff like hockey and basketball, over in the UAE there’s no Sheik pushing those sports so they have a bit less appeal. What you do have is soccer stadiums, but then that means you’d be holding a UFC event outdoors in Abu Dhabi which is like 100+ degrees (pushing 40 celsius for us metric folks).

So maybe when Dana White says Abu Dhabi ‘is going to build us an arena’, he means they’re gonna hop the fuck to it, or this event ain’t gonna happen there. There’s also the possibility that some kind of unconventional venue could be used – I’m sure someone got drunk one night and ordered the building of the world’s biggest indoor something or other that could work out. But I dunno if the UFC will really want to push a square peg through a round hole when they could just delay the show until a proper venue is available.