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No TUF in the UK

As if shitty ratings and the general opinion that this season’s TUF is looking like a snoozer weren’t bad enough, the UFC doesn’t even have a deal to show TUF 13 in the UK, their pet international market:

But with the season already underway in the States, no news has been forthcoming regarding broadcast rights over here in the UK. Previously the show has been screened on Bravo TV, and last season was shown by Sky Sports.

And in response to the plethora of messages posted online and emailed to the UFC direct, Zelaznik told his followers on Facebook: “Sorry all of you UK fans. We are trying to work out a good result for TUF – I am hoping this week we will have news.

“I wish I had a good excuse but sometimes these TV deals aren’t as easy as they seem. All your complaints have been heard-this is priority number 1. Thanks for your patience.”

I dunno, it seems rather odd to me that they haven’t been able to sort out a deal with SOMEONE. We all know the UFC likes to be the pitcher in TV negotiations … maybe they were asking for too much, or wanted too long of a commitment from a TV partner. Did the UFC act all Goldilocks looking for the perfect poridge and get told to fuck off by the bears instead? Go forced fairy tale analogy, go!

Whatever the case, it’s certainly not a positive thing for the UFC to have their flagship show off the air in the UK. Especially since they haven’t brought an event to the UK since October 2010 and none are currently on the horizon for the rest of 2011. It’s kinda shocking to say it since we don’t often get to with the UFC, but it’s almost as if they’re dropping the ball on the UK.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    if the UFC can’t get a tv deal going at least offer legal streaming of the show for UK fans. Facebook business pages can be tailored for exclusive access by country and they could certainly offer a regular timeslot stream instead.

    Sure they would lose money on advertising, but if it’s not on tv anyway than at least they’re not losing fans. No one wants to watch a six month old series when they already know the outcome of the tournament. Either get on tv or get streaming in the UK while the series is still “live”.

  • Capt.Shank says:

    Ya the TUF all over the world doesn’t look good if they can’t get UK done. Really not good. Maybe they’ll see UK Dana fired, Would be kinda interesting to see if that happens considering all the other promoter heads they’ve picked up the UFC is starting to gain some water weight as far as I see it and maybe they should evolve / shuffle some people around.

  • agentsmith says:

    All the money formerly allotted for marketing in the UK is now being given directly to Michael Bisping.

  • G Funk says:

    Are they still giving the PPV’s for free overthere?

  • OpenPalmClosedMind says:

    well not free, UFC ppvs are broadcast on a cable or satellite channel so they’re a part of a paid subscription. Europeans think paying 50 bucks to get up at 3am on a sunday is retarded for some reason. Which is odd, because it isnt as if they’ve church to go to.

    The next strikeforce is being advertised as a £9.99 PPV (about 15 bucks) on a sky tv channel called primetimesports. I wonder if that has anything to do with this sudden lack of tv deal. Either way, they’ll do fuck all buys in a ppv averse market in a tanking economy where everyone and their mother is a) losing their jobs and b) has no clue what a strikeforce is.

  • CAP says:

    Well I pay about $10 a month for Showtime which usually has at least one “major” Strikeforce card per month plus any Challengers event. Not a bad deal. I don’t watch any movies. I come to realize I am paying for cable to watch sports mostly. The other shows I can do without or track down online. That shit adds up.

  • glassjawsh says:

    or just pirate it like a normal person

    ps. the entire reason i asked scissors for a chat on saturday is so i can find a stream!

  • frickshun says:


  • chim55 says:

    what happened to the rumoured May 15 show in Glasgow???

    The UFC debut in Scotland

    waa waaa waaa!!!!

    I was gonna go. Sites still have it listed, …but without a single fight announced, it does nt look promising.