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No title shot for Koscheck

I dunno if Josh Koscheck was just being a cock or he was actually hoping to convince Dana White that he deserved a shot more than Dan Hardy, but whatever he was going for, he ain’t getting another crack at GSP before Hardy does:

“We already announced the Hardy fight,” White told in the post-fight presser. “Hardy gets the next fight. But when I say Koscheck is in the mix, he’s be in the mix anyway. He’s one of the best 170-pounders in the world and has been for a while.”

I’d say the biggest mistake Kos made was not getting on his knees in the cage and begging for a title shot. Bonus points if you do it with a funny accent like Georges and Thiago Alves did. But past that there’s also the fact that Josh’s ‘fight anyone anytime’ attitude has kinda fucked him over. Agreeing to fight George St Pierre on the rebound: bad idea. Agreeing to fight Thiago Alves on two week’s notice: bad idea. Agreeing to fight Paulo Thiago in a match with absolutely no upside: bad idea.

Still, these are good bad ideas – the kind of bad ideas we need fighters to go through with in order to see more great fights. It just kinda sucks that we live in a world where beating a stream of gatekeepers is worth more than hanging at the top of the division and losing from time to time because of it.