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No Silva vs Jones Jr, so sayeth the Dana

(c) UFC

The Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones Jr fight actually got a lot further along the track than we thought it would. Dana White is such a control freak that the second shit like that pops up on the internet you’re likely to get a cell phone call from him demanding to know what the fuck you’re doing. The Silva/Jones fight got a good few weeks of percolation with several articles and even a confirmation from Roy Jones that he would be interested in the fight. Damn, even Don King wanted in on the action. Now Dana White has finally put a stop to the speculation with a solid NO, but he better hope Jones or King or some other boxing promoter doesn’t pick up on this opportunity to call him out over it – ya know, the same way Dana has been calling boxers out for years?

The language coming from Dave Meltzer on the subject was a bit rough, and here’s hoping Dana White isn’t souring yet another relationship with a top fighter in the organization by handling this the wrong way. Sure, I think we’re all in agreement that having the #1 P4P fighter in MMA trounced by an over the hill boxer would not be good for the sport. But as always, there’s the right way and the wrong way to dissuade Anderson Silva from doing this. Calling his camp up and screaming NEVER NEVER FUCKING NEVER CONTRACT NO GOODBYE = not the good way. Seeing Anderson spar, and then flying down one of your slouchy boxing buddies to clean his clock in practice to prove a point = a better way.