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No shortage of volunteers to fight Cormier

Strikeforce heavyweight king Daniel Cormier may look lonely in the photo above, but there’s already several willing suitors looking to step into Frank Mir’s place.  First out of the gate was Fabricio Werdum:

Everyone knows how hard I’ve worked to return to the UFC, and I’m sure I’ll be ready for any fight that proves me to dispute the belt, and my main goal. I will always be available to the event to help meet any shortage, and I’ve always designed the UFC and I know they want to fight for the belt in the sequel because I have big fights in Strike Force and now with the latest struggles did in UFC.VAICAVALOOO!

Then Andrei Arlovski jumped at the chance to get back on the Zuffa roster.  He later deleted his tweet, but much like “peepee taste” jokes, retweets are forever:

I’m getting a lot of tweets about fighting @dc_mma and if the fans want to see it I’m sure we can make it happen! @ufc @strikeforce #mma

Perhaps most unexpected (or perhaps not) was Big Country’s offer to cross over:

Found out FRANK MIR is out. I told the @ufc & @danawhite put me in coach. I know their are few that will step up,…

To which I presume Dana White’s reaction was, “Dude, you already have a fucking fight coming up!”  Roy didn’t say if he’d still keep his date with Shane Carwin exactly six weeks later, but while theoretically doable, I doubt Dana would be keen on it either way.  Too bad, cause then we could have declared the winner to be the “super-light-heavyweight” or “pseudo-heavyweight” or maybe just “chubbyweight” champ.

Anyway, Werdum is obviously the best option here, since he’s also a top-10 guy like Mir, has no other upcoming match, and is a former Strikeforce fighter himself.  Which brings us to how silly it is that this fight is happening in Strikeforce to begin with.  Though not technically the SF champ, Cormier basically is by default, since he already beat the shit out of the only other remaining heavyweight who hasn’t been either assimilated into the UFC or released into the wild.  Sending UFC guys to Strikeforce just to fight Cormier is pretty much the definition of ass-backwards.

[Pic courtesy of Sherdog.]