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No Rousey vs Cyborg … because of Tito Ortiz?

Just when you thought news on the superfight front couldn’t get any bleaker, get this: the person managing Cris Cyborg’s side of the negotiations in the Cyborg / Rousey fight is none other that TITO ORTIZ. Yes, the guy who managed himself so well he had seven 1-fight years in the UFC is now at the center of making the most important women’s fight in history happen.

Dana White didn’t waste much time throwing him under the bus in standard fashion, straight up blaming Tito for Cris Cyborg not being Rousey’s first opponent:

“That’s the fight that should be happening,” White said. “Tito Ortiz is her manager, and he advised against it.”

Tito’s response:

“That was never said!” he wrote. “‘Cyborg’ will fight her anytime, anywhere at 145. Cris said she would kill herself trying to make 135. I won’t allow it, (and) neither should the UFC or Dana. Cris wants the fight, fans want the fight, and so does the UFC.

“If Ronda is such a great fighter, why doesn’t she fight at the weight she started at? This is no different than (Anderson) Silva cutting to 170 to fight GSP. It’s not healthy, period.”

An anonymous rep for Cyborg also claims they offered to fight Rousey at 140 pounds but were rebuffed. So at the very least it sounds like the main problem is weight, not Tito pulling a Tito and asking for Tito money. This isn’t to imply Cyborg doesn’t deserve to get paid a heap of money for this fight. She’s already ponied up a cheapie superfight with Gina Carano, and should make an assload of cash for what is basically the culmination of her 7 year career. At least with Tito at the helm, she’ll probably get something fair. If the fight happens at all…