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No reconciliation for Kid Yamamoto and wife

I’m sure if we could read Japanese, we’d know all the salacious details behind Kid Yamamoto’s recent divorce, but until Google tightens up it’s translations we’re stuck with this unreadable crap:

KID also flew to the question about divorce “Yes we can! … It (laughs).戻Ritee What family just noticed that my bad. Midst like a junior high school youth in love feels like. defeats? worry there is not even past “and relaxed repartee. KID。

Which according to Nightmare of Battle actually means this:

When asked about his divorce it was clear that KID wants to get back together with his ex-wife. It doesn’t look like his ex-wife wants that right now though. She wrote about how she became a terrible woman while being married to KID not long ago (there were allegations of them smoking weed in front of their little kids around a year ago).

All you ever hear about Japan is the fun ‘strange’ stuff like giant robots and tentacle rapings. But underneath all that cool shit you read about on the internet is a society full of stuffy judgmental prigs. I enjoy the whole “Who cares if you’re a piece of shit” attitude we propagate around here much more, thank you very much.