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No Rashad / Rampage if Rashad loses?

It’s become a bit difficult recently to guess what Dana is saying because he actually means it and what he’s saying because he’s trying to fuckstart the universe into caring about UFC 108. Whatever the case, word that Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson won’t fight if Thiago Silva beats Rashad is kinda freaking me out.

Despite the fact that the fight is unworthy of PPV headliner status, I’m still pretty excited about it. Rashad Evans has come a long way from his early days as a whiny lazy wrestler, and Thiago Silva is like a next gen Wanderlei Silva who’s only major sin thus far has been getting himself pasted by Lyoto Machida. Yeah, I’ve got serious questions about his chin, but that just adds to the intrigue for tonight’s fight.

But now I got this big cloud over my head. If Silva wins, for some reason Dana thinks he deserves Rampage instead of Rashad … as if this is supposed to be some kind of eliminator fight. I’m sure that sounds much better than ‘filler fight because Rampage fucked off’, let’s be honest here: this is a filler fight because Rampage fucked off. It’s a pretty good one too, and it could go either way pretty easily. But regardless of what happens, it ain’t gonna change the way people feel about seeing Rashad vs Rampage: THAT FIGHT HAS TO HAPPEN.

Haven’t we suffered enough already with all the injuries and surgeries and endless fight cancellations? Why has Dana White put Rashad vs Rampage on the chopping block? If it’s supposed to hype us more for this fight, then it’s not really working and just adds a massive bummer downside to Thiago Silva winning. If he really means it, then it’s just fucking stupid.