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No ‘openings’ for Big John

A nice Christmas present from the Nevada State Athletic Commission would be news that Big John McCarthy would be coming back. Of course, since the NSAC is a government run organization and the government is all about bickering, drama, politics and being fucking cunts, that’s not happening.

FanHouse recently spoke to Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, about McCarthy’s status in the state, and it appeared as though the commission was in no rush of reinstating arguably one of the greatest referees in MMA history.

“We have him and about 40 other people pending. It’s just a matter of when there’s the next opening and then we look at the applications and go from there,” Kizer said.

“There could be an opening in a month; there could be an opening in about three years.”

Hey, it’s not ALL bad. It’s not like Kizer said Big John is 40th in line. There’s just 40 apps to go through when ‘an opening’ presents itself. And if that opening presents itself and Big John gets passed over, it’ll be fun to hear what the excuse will be then. It’s not like any of those other applicants can have a better resume. Big John’s been at it since UFC 2, so it’s kinda hard to beat him on the experience side.