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No one will miss Armando Garcia

Sam Caplan just wrote a post about a post that I wrote and now I’m going to write a post about the post he just posted about my post. Now that’s Web 2.0 at it’s finest! If you actually have a life and didn’t have the time to sift through the mega-list we made of fuckups the CSAC has committed under Armando Garcia’s reign, then Sam’s got you covered: he’s put together his ten ‘favorite’ stories:

7. Denying Gabe Ruediger a license – Following his disastrous stint on the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter, Ruediger tried to put together the fractured pieces of an MMA career that had been shattered beyond recognition. He was given a lifeline and reportedly offered a chance to fight Katsuhiko Nagata during FEG’s “Dynamite USA!!” show in LA on June 2 in 2007. However, Ruediger couldn’t obtain a license and thus, couldn’t accept the fight. Word spread that Garcia denied Ruediger a license based on watching episodes of The Ultimate Fighter. After failing to speak out immediately after the news broke, Garcia would later go on the record and denied the reports and instead said that Ruediger was denied because the commission didn’t have sufficient time to review his medical information. To this day, there are many people I respect in the industry who don’t buy Garcia’s public answer and insist that in private, his response was much different.

The manner in which Garcia allegedly handled Ruediger’s situation raises the question as to why he moved to suspend the promotional licenses of EliteXC and King of the Cage last week. Did he do it because of legitimate reasons, or was the decision made based off what he read on the Internet? Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer to that question because in typical Garcia fashion, he couldn’t give a straight answer to the question when the suspension became public last week.

The Gabe Situation amused me so much at the time that I made a little comic about it. More “Ding dong the witch is dead!” singing from Sean Sherk right here. Hey, here’s an idea … if Affliction wants to put together a big money fight they should just stick Garcia in the ring against Igor Vovchanchyn. I’d pay to see that … PRIDE rules preferable, please.