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No one wants to fight anyone

I’m going to try and spend the day being nice to Strikeforce, since I really do shit on them more than they probably deserve. I feel like one of those dads who’s “tryin’ to sterp his boy from turnin’ into a fagget” but all he’s doing is giving the kid a complex and future psychiatrist bills. But goddamnit, Strikeforce. Er, I mean … look at this, Strikeforce. Does this not seem like an unfortunately familiar type of statement?

Miller vs. Kennedy is targeted for the as-yet-unofficial “Strikeforce: Columbus,” and many observers have speculated that it might carry title implications.

But upon hearing Miller’s name, Souza’s demeanor changed.

“You kidding me? I beat this guy two times, man,” Souza, who won his belt this past August, said. “No more.”

We should be so glad that Nick Diaz is willing to fight the two current contenders in his division, even if he thinks they’re lame. At the same time, he also said that he doesn’t want to fight anyone he’s ever fought before, which I’m sure will come back to bite us in the ass down the road.

And remember that no brainer Jason Miller vs Tim Kennedy rubbermatch that might have led to that Mayhem / Jacare rematch everyone wants to see but Jacare refuses to do? It’s now off. There’s no word on if the deja-vu aspect of it led one of the fighters to turn it down, but for what it’s worth there were rumors that Tim and Mayhem weren’t particularly stoked about the matchup. Even though it makes sense … like a penis in a vagina, boy! Y’all don’t wanna put the peg in the hole and you wonder why I’m worried about you being a Lily Limpwrist!

Damnit, there I go again.