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No one likes a showboater (well, assholes do but you get the point)

From Steve Cofield:

Evans can’t win for winning. He really didn’t get to enjoy his moment in the sun and show some real emotion. He got on his Fred G. Sanford heart attack routine but quickly nixed it when he felt the cold vibe around Philips Arena.

“I was there when Chuck knocked Randy out, this dude ran around the cage like five times and went over to see his people before he even checked on Randy. ”

There is a double-standard when it comes to celebrating. Maybe you’re given more leeway as an established star in the sport. Like him or not, people better get used to Evans and his “antics.” The guy is just scratching the surface.

I wouldn’t call it a double standard towards Rashad. People just react differently to different kinds of celebrating. When you win a fight, you’re allowed to be pumped, run around screaming, or do shit like jump up onto the sides of the octagon. All perfectly fine. But when you start doing shit like choreographed dances, little bang bang guns, grave digging shit, etc … that tends to piss people off. Because most people don’t see that as a natural adrenaline-filled reaction to victory. That’s showboating and people don’t like it.

It’s the exact same kinda standard in many other sports: hugs, ass slaps and general revelry is acceptable. Choreographed dances, bowing, and elaborate salutes are not. Here’s a good way of knowing if what you did after a win is showboating: did you think it up before the fight? Yes? Then it’s showboating and you’re probably gonna get shit for doing it. Don’t mind? Then go right ahead. But don’t do it and then be a whiny bitch because people thought you were being rude.